Shake Shack

Shake Shack opened in my neighborhood. A three minute walk to be exact. They opened on 4/15. It’s 4/29. I’ve already visited 10+ times, ate through the entire menu. My favorite is the Shake Shack Double with Cheese Fries and a drink (no shake).

Eating Shake Shack almost daily makes me miss In-N-Out. I grew up in California but can’t recall the last time I ate In-N-Out and don’t remember how it tastes. Since the Shack is rapidly explanding, I see the Shake Shack vs In-N-Out debates almost daily. The last impression I have of In-N-Out is how it is overrated but I’m now so curious…

Looks like a trip back to California is in my near future!

Bonus: check out the line at Shake Shack on the first day. It’s not as bad (average 30 minute wait)


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