Yoroniku is this super amazing yakiniku restaurant in the Minami Aoyama area of Tokyo. A friend says “it’s too posh” but there is a reason for that you see. In Japan, beef (and steak) used to be super luxury foods. This derives from the pre-war time mentality when beef was accessible only to the wealthy and royals.

Fast forward to about the 80’s (1980’s, to be precise), post-war, post-industrialized Japan or as we affectionately deem: The Bubble Era when Sony, Toyota, Mitsubishi, etc., were raking in tons of cash as were the people of Japan, meat and other Western foods became commonplace.

A lot of wartime children though, grew up in an era when Korean, Chinese, French, Italian, basically any non-Japanese cuisines were considered ‘exotic’ and even yakiniku — Korean BBQ — was considered special occasion meals. Super high-end yakiniku became a huge boom and you still see some of those effects today. Japanese people are also OCD and anal, so we don’t really like stinking of bbq coals and smoke. Most high-end yakiniku places in Japan have super duper high tech ventilation systems so our attire and hair do not reek of bbq.

The servers at Yoroniku cook the food and they know techniques for every cut of meat to best cook and serve. Every piece of meat is amazing. They also have a ‘hidden’ menu of gyu katsu (steak katsu) made from a chunk of wagyu grilled in front of you (the photos below are of the beef katsu).

I’m not going to go too much into details of the food but every. little. thing. there is so delicious it makes me want to cry.

There are two ways to order at Yoroniku. Choosing between two tasting menus (¥7,000 and¥9,000) is one, the other is telling them your budget and they serve you a meal within that cost. I prefer the latter.

And here is more insider info: there are two sister restaurants that are easier to book. While they may not offer the same exact menu as the original Yoroniku, the other two are more accessible.

Misuji (no website)
Drop this in Google Maps↓
東京都港区赤坂3-16-3 伊勢幸ビル2F

Namaiki (no website)
Drop this in Google Maps↓
東京都千代田区外神田6-14-7 2F

And for Yoroniku (no website)
Drop this in Google Maps↓
東京都港区南青山6-6-22 ルナロッサ B1F

I can’t guarantee access to the beef katsu (you have to go with a regular to first access and once you order once, you can keep ordering) but, I’ve heard stories of people ordering on their first time…



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