🚨🍣New Sushi Spot Alert 🍣🚨

Found this place that just opened through a wonderful food friend… and oh my god it was seriously one of the best meals I’ve had in Japan.

From the attention he pays to every single detail in his shop (design, hand towels, and even specialty toilet paper), to ceramics, his choice of staff all reflects in his stunning food.

His shari (sushi rice) was literally perfection. His otsumami (small plates) surpasses any of the places I’ve eaten before.

Above are only a few of the photos and the notes, not as extensive as I’d like (too preoccupied enjoying my meal).

6 hour steamed abalone in its juices
Hokkaido shishamo caught only in October served two ways (nigiri and gunkan)
Ankimo with mizunomi (ankimo steamed with the mizunomi omg the texture!!!)
Of course nodoguro

…and the sushi was 100%. Not a fan of cured neta that is pungent, or shari that is too sour (I can name a handful of super famous spots that are aggressively flavored)

On and on I can keep going but honestly, I only remember being blown away. Asking trillions of questions like I always do. And not retaining most of the information… hashtag OLD.

So, I will leave this post with my friend Ash’s succinct – but vulgar – description (and this guy knows. his. shit.)

2 thoughts on “🚨🍣New Sushi Spot Alert 🍣🚨

  1. Right, how about tipping up the name for a follower 🙂
    I need a sushi place for 2 on 11/21 & everything seems to be booked!
    I can’t go to Champagne & Gyoza every single night 😉


    1. Haha this one I can not. But, I will share some locations: Kurosaki in Shibuya. Keita in Tsukiji, but not at the market. Keita’s shari is aggressively seasoned akashari but still balanced (not as salty as, for example, Sawada). He apprenticed at Mizutani and Taichi in Ginza. He’s located in Tsukiji for the lower rent, since he has no outside investor.


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