Salutations fellow Internet friend! My name is Mona Nomura and everything you want to know about me is on PixelBits, a random blog about anything and everything — mainly nerdy stuff or thoughts on Internet junk. (Although lately, I post more of my tech stuff on Medium.)

This blog was started because I am obsessed with food, and noticed an increase of food related postings on the normally nerdy, tech-centric PixelBits. My obsession is so bad, I decided to start a separate blog all about food.

So here we are. And here it is.

From my first post:

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” — Julia Child

Starting blog posts with quotes is corny, but that proverb sums up what food means to me. A lot of my happiest memories are tied with food. Food -in any shape or form- is a major part of my culture and continues to be a huge part of who I am.

It’s scary how much food dictates my being. Where I live. Who I date. Friends and even work environments revolve around food. It would not surprise me if my obsession were to be clinically diagnosed as a sickness.

My friends, colleagues and just about anyone I talk to are probably sick of my food yapping so this is now my outlet. Hopefully, the thoughts, recipes, tips and tricks, restaurant recommendations, basically anything posted here will be of use to anyone who happens to stumble upon it.

Keyword here being hopefully.


About my photos: Compared to a lot of the high level Instagram photographers, my food photos suck. I used to be all about taking good photos (see?) and embarrassed for a while but quickly got over it. I don’t have the same dedication as hardcore Instagrammers like him. Also, cold food sucks.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Mona the blog is awesome! I am a bit pissed though because I’ve travelled to Japan 7 times last year and I didn’t had the chance to go over your blog! I was just following your Instagram stream.
    Now, I have a good reference for my next trip! FYI, we work in the same industry so maybe I’ll bump into you one of these days in Tokyo. Cheers!


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