Japanese Kitchen Gadgets

Still deciding if this is genius or unusable. Saw it in a Japanese equivalent to Target, Don Quixote. Wonder if the lemon would smell like plastic after being spritzed through the nozzle. 

Thinking I should buy and try. Will report back! 

In the meantime if you’re interested in purchasing one, let me know. I’ll be happy to buy and ship. They’re ¥899 about $8.50 USD(though I have a feeling shipping would cost more than the actual plastic-lemon-spritzer-thingy).

PS: there’s only one review on Amazon. The person’s issue is how there’s lots of juice left in the lemon after the stabbed portion is used. Uhhhhh no shit, Sherlock. 

Julia Child and Jacque Pépin Poach Eggs

And the obsession continues… With eggs and, Jacques Pépin, Julia Child. I posted tips from Julia Child on poached eggs a while back but since I stumbled onto the video on YouTube, decided to share it here too. As an added bonus, Jacques Pépin is poaching eggs his way alongside Julia.

In the video, Julia uses a “mechanical device”. Jacqués does it the old fashioned way and this clip just makes me smile so much. Such an invaluable piece of history preserved online. Thank you, YouTube!

Julia’s mechanical device by the way, is not mechanical at all. It’s this little metal thing that holds the egg in place as it poaches. So cute. The video was shot some time in the 80’s and Ms. Child mentions how they are hard to find now. Well. Lo and behold, in 2015 they aren’t as hard to find (if you are in the U.S.) Williams-Sonoma carries them for $6.95 each. Buy them here.

You’re welcome.

Cookery: Osakana Yaki-ki (お魚焼き器) Indoor Grill / Roaster

Best. Invention. Ever.

That thing up there is not the Japanese George Foreman grill but it could quite possibly be one of the best contraptions to own; especially if you grill a lot of fish. I don’t know about you, but I’ve stunk up my kitchen. And home. And the entire floor of my old apartment building. My neighbors probably hated me and too bad I moved before I added one those things to my kitchen.

That thing up there is an indoor roaster and since the smoke is pretty limited, the odor is too. But the end result is perfectly grilled fish. I also use it to grill / roast:

  • vegetables
  • poultry
  • even toast

Another giant plus? Cleaning is super easy. There’s this tray on the bottom you fill with water that catches fat/oil of the protein so there are no worries of burnt oil you’d have to scrub. There are variations but the one pictured above can be purchased as Amazon here for $71.51 (bizarre dollar amount.) This is one investment you won’t be sorry you made.

No this is not an ad…but it sure sounds like one. Seriously though, buy one. Grilling/roasting is one of the easiest and fastest way to prep meals — even if it’s just for you.

Second thought, maybe I should ask for a kickback 😉