Glossary of Japanese Food

A glossary of Japanese foods, ingredients and dishes. I’ve been thinking about how to organize this blog and the simplest way is to consolidate all posts that go over Japanese foods, ingredients, dishes and such onto one page.

As entries increase, I get how this isn’t the best option but it’s better than nothing. For now, scrolling through the alphabetical list is manageable because there aren’t that many posts. But in the future, Ctrl + F (searching within the webpage) will have to do!

Umami — umami comes first since everyone I know interested in food is always asking about umami.

Ayu — since I’m such a nerd, I wrote in detail about a small white fish that makes an appearance during spring and fall.
Dashi — what is this… dashi everyone speaks of?
Deciphering sushi garnish — aji is a type of mackerel and sometimes it is garnished. I covered what was on top of an aji nigiri.
Kanibo aka imitation crab — people of the internet! Please read.
Katsuo — TMI about a little fish called katsuo (bonito)
Katsu sando — best way to enjoy Shinkansen food
Kewpie Mayo — mayonnaise criminals. They exists.
Summer sashimi — in which I go over a bit of summer sashimi, the garnishes and kaiseki etiquette
Tamago tofu — Tamago tofu 卵豆腐 is a small dish that makes appearances in kaiseki meals.
Tsukiji Fish Market — Tsukiji Fish Market has been operating in the same place since 1935 and in 2016, the Japanese government is closing down part of Tsukiji and relocating the market. All my Tsukiji posts are at that link.
Why katsu is always served with cabbage — there is a reason tonkatsu is always served with raw julienned cabbage.
Whiskey — I wrote about Japanese whiskey here.

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