Gen Yamamoto – A Tokyo Must


Bar Gen Yamamoto is one of my favorite places in Tokyo and I recommend everyone and anyone coming to Tokyo to visit. He is beyond a ‘mixologist’ and more a magician, a flavor savant, a true genius of his craft. I’d even argue he may quite possibly be the best in the world when it comes to surprising and delighting with his cocktails.

People seem to freak out over a four or six cocktail tasting in fear of getting trashed but the thing is, his drinks aren’t boozy at all. The spirits he uses are activators, pulling forth the deepest, richest flavor notes from the fruits and vegetables he pairs them with and so basically, the drinks have only a splash or a touch of alcohol. I doubt anyone could actually get drunk off Gen-san’s cocktails.

These days I visit him at least once a month — sometimes more if there are people in town. Here are a few highlights from August:  Continue reading

Gen Yamamoto Pt. II and My Defective Phone 

My name is Gen. うん。Just Gen. Not like Genjamin  (Benjamin) or something.” he said with a smirk. And I was like 😍 then I just may have captured the only photo of him smiling while pouring.


What a miracle! My lost phone was found and turned into the police station. I immediately tweeted my first reaction when I got the call the phone was found ↓


And well, I didn’t really want it back because I thought it would mean I had to give my brand new replacement back. Great news is, I don’t have to! And I was able to retrieve the photos I took but compared to the photos I’m taking with my new phone, I’m kind of embarrassed to share them…

So I will selectively share some. I guess. Here are two from the cocktail tasting ↓

The whiskey shaved ice cocktail on the left, the edamame cocktail on the right. I think you can see the bits of the sencha floating.

And one more of the stunning Mizunara bar top and Gen-san ❤️


Bonus: in case you lose something, here are photos of the Tokyo Lost and Found Center. Turns out, my phone was delivered to their HQ. It’s pretty neat I’ve gotten access to a lot of official buildings and such because I lose my phone. Last year, I saw the bullet train depot in Okayama.