Glorious Gyoza

Salt. Fat. Acid.

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“Salt. Fat. Acid. Gyoza is my favorite flavor profile and probably the reason I eat shameful amounts 😳 A whooooole mess of latergrams of all the glorious gyoza in my Camera Roll. Some may or may not be taken at inappropriate hours 💁🏻🥂🍷🥃 餃子どんだけ好きやねん。この半年食べた量と種類、、、かなりヤバイw”

I really do eat too much gyoza. So much, I wrote 1,600ish words on gyoza in Tokyo. Do read if you’re interested. The piece is on Eater here.


Gyoza and Champagne

Gyoza and champagne, two of my favorite things in one place at once? YES PLEASE. It was hard for me to imagine gyoza (ghetto cheap food) with champagne (a ‘special occasion’ drink) but this place pulls it off.

Located in between Shinbashi and Toranomon, the interior is elegant; not smokey and gross at all. They just opened in May, their champagne list is extensive, menu is well thought out with a healthy selection of classy nibbles that extend beyond gyoza. Like their ‘kimchee’ which technically is an assortment of fresh vegetables marinated in the kimchee mix.

But the star is their crispy, juicy gyoza with four delicious dipping sauces: spicy sesame miso (Kobe style), dashi ponzu with chokushichi (直七) a citrus between yuzu and grapefruit from the Kōchi prefecture that is super light on acidity, green pepper and fond de veau, white truffle oil. (My favorite was the dashi ponzu and just eating with a bit of sprinkled salt).

I have a feeling this place is going to end up super popular — give it another year or so. Definitely recommended!

Champagne & Gyoza Bar
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東京都港区西新橋1-18-11 ル・グラシエルBLDG.16 1F

*No website, no reservations, closed on Sunday

King of Gyoza

People don’t believe me when I say “it will take a lifetime to eat through just my neighborhood in Tokyo” but Tokyo is really, that dense. Which is why “what are your Tokyo recommendations?” is the question I dread most; there are too many choices.

On the other hand, the density is exactly why I love Tokyo so much. Every day, I make a new discovery.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI was walking through a part of my neighborhood I rarely go to. A friend and I were heading to a place we frequent, when this old school restaurant front caught my eye. Mid conversation I stopped my tracks, interrupted and blurted: “oh, wow. What’s this.” Something about the plastic curtains, decrepit benches, hand written signs made my food radar go off: I think this place may be special.

I looked at my friend, he looked back at me and we both said, yes. We are definitely eating here instead.

We pull back the heavy plastic curtains walk into the space and my mouth dropped.

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