Blue Bottle Coffee, Minami Aoyama

Photo courtesy of Matt
Blue Bottle Coffee is the beloved artisan coffee shop, huge in San Francisco, New York and LA. They recently opened two locations in Tokyo. Both, are immensely popular. When the first Blue Bottle opened there were lines out the door. The wait was three hours for weeks! For coffee!! WHY.

Maybe it’s because I quit drinking coffee in January of 2015 I can no longer understand. I used to be addicted to caffeine and drank about six to eight cups a day. This year I just quit cold turkey — no reason, simply broke the habit — and have had only one cup in July since. (Only because I was invited for coffee and we went to this old school cafe where a man in suit makes coffee. It was uneasy not to order one. I think I was wired for two days.)

When Blue Bottle opened in Aoyama, I heard about the epic lines and how it is the new place to go. I finally got the chance to go the other day and the property is absolutely stunning.

We hung out on the balcony, chatted, while others enjoyed their espressos. It was sunny in Tokyo for the first time in a week and the trees encapsulating the patio area served as a refreshing shade and provided a nice breeze in the Tokyo summer heat.

The Kiyosumi location is the one which opened first and the Blue Bottle there is massive. It’s more like a coffee compound than a coffee shop with its loft like interior and sky high ceilings. It’s the Japan HQ I believe, where all the magic happens. It’s a bit out of the way though.

The Aoyama location is in the middle of the charming area – extremely convenient and a super popular hang out spot. It’s on the second floor of a boutique tucked into a half business – half residential district.

If you are a coffee lover, Blue Bottle Aoyama is definitely recommended! And even if you don’t drink coffee, they have a very lovely tea selection.

Blue Bottle Aoyama
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東京都港区南青山 3-13-14
Open daily from 10 am – 9 pm

Bonus: for camera nerds, you may have noticed the top photo had some pretty baller cameras in the background. Here’s a bonus shot by me, taking a photo of my friend, taking the photo above. Huh? I got confused writing that out but you get the picture. Oh. I also made an unintentional funny… 

Anyway, my friend has this super handy Bluetooth lens compatible with iPhones. I didn’t know of its existence until I saw it the other day. Turns out, it’s a Sony Cybershot Carl Zeiss lens and has been on the market since 2013. So for people serious about food  photos, this could be a handy gadget for your Instagram  photos 😉