Gen Yamamoto

I might quite possible be the only person on the planet to think this. But, after my fifth or sixth trip to Gen Yamamoto, I am confident placing him in my “Experience” bucket. Alongside Robot Restaurant, Kawaii Monster Cafe and Tokyo Disney Land.

He is still the charming, lovely, charismatic connoisseur. And his drinks are out of this world!! But there is one thing I cannot get over: his pours are always uneven!!!!!’n

Evidence one:

Me in my head: he will fix the uneven pours before he serves. I think… hope??? 😳

He did not 😑

Me in head: I hope I don’t get served the one on the very right. I hope I don’t get served the one on the very right. I hope I don’t get served… 

*gets served the one on the very right*

Fuck. I got ripped off 😐

Me in head: Stop looking at the uneven pours. Focus on his story and gesticulating. 

Ugh. The one on the left. I hope I don’t get served the one on the very left. I hope I don’t served…

…Mona. Knock it off!!’n Focus on his story. Focus on his story. Focus on his story. Focus on his… *OCD Level 96629495918647392: ACTIVATED*


See? This place causes unnecessary anxiety.

I’ve tried making excuses for him the first one or two times I went. Like maybe he was having an off night. Or maybe his hand is cramped. Or, maybe he forgot to put his contacts in that day. Or perhaps he only serves foreigners uneven pours?

But after about the sixth time, I’m over this place.

So sorry, Gen-san. As big of a crush I have on you, I doubt I will be returning. Nor will I be recommending you until you fix your pours!

*photos aren’t mine; found on Google Images. Mine are on my Insta with a few somewhere in the archives

Edit: I am a loser.

Trevor Moran (who I’ve been hanging with the past week and is an AMAZING human) pointed out all Gen’s glasses are custom handmade, which makes every one of them unique. Some are smaller, wider, taller, bigger, thinner, etc.

When we went to Gen the other night and he kept laughing at me for being so unwarrantedly bothered by the uneven pours. I asked Gen-san if the different shapes and sizes of the same glass bother him. To which he replied in his usual soothing way: “It does not, I actually prefer the different shapes and sizes. Although it may look as though my pours are uneven to my patrons.” and of course, I had to say: “I was actually one of those people“.

And Gen-san laughed really hard. I translated to Trevor and all three of us had a big laugh. Good times.

So I take back this post! If you have a chance, DO PLEASE GO!!


Gen Yamamoto Pt. II and My Defective Phone 

My name is Gen. うん。Just Gen. Not like Genjamin  (Benjamin) or something.” he said with a smirk. And I was like 😍 then I just may have captured the only photo of him smiling while pouring.


What a miracle! My lost phone was found and turned into the police station. I immediately tweeted my first reaction when I got the call the phone was found ↓


And well, I didn’t really want it back because I thought it would mean I had to give my brand new replacement back. Great news is, I don’t have to! And I was able to retrieve the photos I took but compared to the photos I’m taking with my new phone, I’m kind of embarrassed to share them…

So I will selectively share some. I guess. Here are two from the cocktail tasting ↓

The whiskey shaved ice cocktail on the left, the edamame cocktail on the right. I think you can see the bits of the sencha floating.

And one more of the stunning Mizunara bar top and Gen-san ❤️


Bonus: in case you lose something, here are photos of the Tokyo Lost and Found Center. Turns out, my phone was delivered to their HQ. It’s pretty neat I’ve gotten access to a lot of official buildings and such because I lose my phone. Last year, I saw the bullet train depot in Okayama.

Gen Yamamoto in the Typhoon


All we could do, is laugh. As we rush out of my favorite fish on sticks place* to hail a cab, the rain is coming down mean and hard. The sidewalks are overfilling with steep puddles and I swear I see Noah’s Arc with elephants and giraffes lined up two-by-two heading our way.

Should I call an Uber?” he asks. “This is Tokyo. Ubers are unnecessary.” I say. He looks back at me a bit skeptical and just when he was about to whip out his phone I spy an empty cab I successfully flag down. “See?” I say and he smiles, holds the umbrella up near the door as I rush in. Even with him shielding the rain with our shared umbrella, the downpour is so aggressive I’m immediately drenched. He climbs in after me making sound effects. He is wetter than I. We look at each other and laugh. The cab driver laughs — first at his gibberish, then with us as I say, “only thing left to do is laugh.

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Bar Tram / Trench

Bar Tram / Trench are my favorite bars in my neighborhood — I recommend them to everyone. Pictured above is the absinthe drip, this particular one is Jade 1901. The green cocktail is a spring concoction, with a cucumber base and tons of other things that completely eludes me.

During the day, Tram does an amazing slow drip coffee. If you are a coffee lover, I highly suggest checking it out. The cocktails during the night time are also, one of a kind.

Bar Tram
Drop this into Google Maps ↓
Look for the sign that says “Bar Tram: Get drunk differently”, go up the stairs
*Always try Trench first at night