Defective iPhone 6+ and a Hidden Piece of Heaven

First photos I’m sharing from my new phone and WOW what a difference. As it turns out, losing my phone was a blessing in disguise. Several weeks ago, I saw some news in passing about how a limited number of cameras on iPhone 6 Pluses were defective. (Just google: ‘iPhone 6 plus defective camera’ and you’ll land on a bunch of results.)

Turns out, mine was one.

Apple’s replacement program requires me to ship my phone to them. I didn’t want to be without a phone for a few days so I chose to live with blurry photos. Ummmmm what a colossal mistake. I mean, look at these photos! Such a massive difference from all the photos on this blog!! These are the best photos I’ve taken in almost a year and finally see what the fuss over this phone is about — WTF APPLE!!

I guess everything happens for a reason.

By the way, these photos are from a coffee shop I stumbled upon. They just opened in July and I still don’t want to share yet, as many people have yet to discover it. For now.