Next Level Food Truck

A Two-Star Michelin chef and a winner of a coveted spot in San Pellegrino’s The 50 World’s Restaurant is operating a food truck in Tokyo.

Yoshihiro Narisawa who owns Narisawa in Aoyama (a West Village-ish type area, if you’re familiar with New York) is cooking out of a food truck for a limited time. The truck’s food is a bit different than the food he serves in his European haute cuisine restaurant (obviously), focusing on hearty Japanese winter meals.

According to their FB page, they have soups, hot pots, stewed meats and a regional delight from Hakata called motsu no nikomi (stewed tripe and vegetables in a miso based broth — rich, filling and warms you up). The truck is also doing grilled pork and chicken sandwiches on 18-grain rolls, along with deep fried Hiroshima oysters (kaki furai). Yum.

If you happen to be in Tokyo by March 8th, the Narisawa food truck is in Tokyo Midtown daily from 12-8pm.

Map and directions here.

Only in Japan!
(Thanks for the tip, RP!)


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